Friday, April 25, 2008

Back in the USA

Vita Bella made the trip from Ensenada to San Diego under the watchful hands of Kurt Jerman, the newest PDQ dealer. Kurt & I went to Ensenada to "play" on the boat, and I pulled a calf muscle. Not wanting to risk the journey as "walking wounded" Kurt took the boat & I drove back to San Diego. She cleared Customs without a hitch and is settled into Marina Village Marina. We will be bringing her North in the next few weeks. I will make the trip if my leg cooperates.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

West Coast Multihulls is awarded PDQ So. Cal Dealership


Kurt Jerman the owner of West Coast Multihulls has been awarded the PDQ dealership in Southern California. Kurt has a long history in the Multihull "game", as he also represents Seawind Cats and was formerly associated with Corsair.

Any questions regarding deliveries of PDQ's in California can be directed to Kurt at 619-571-3515.

Vita Bella is currently in Ensenada and we are enjoying the warm Mexican Spring and having lots of fun using the boat in the warm Mexican Waters.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SpringTime in Ensenada

I spent three days at the boat in the beautiful Mexican Sun. Ensenada was full of Spring Break '08 college students and there were the usual cruise ship people in shorts with black shoes and socks, quite a sight. 

I replaced the fresh water pressure pump and continued to put the boat"back together" . 


Monday, March 3, 2008

Vita Bella esta es en Ensenada!

In spite of Yacht Path International, She has made it to Ensenada. Joined by Chuck Pascal, my nephew Ryan Pfaff and his friend Jason, I was re-united with the boat last Saturday Afternoon. We hooked up in San Diego and drove the 1.5 hours to Ensenada. We had been advised by Yacht Path that we would be offloaded at 12:30. We stopped at the Coral to check out the arrangements, and to have a look at the slip. I was told by Vito, the Marina Manager, that we needed to complete all of the paperwork and get the import permits before 1PM or I would need to stay until Monday. SO, we did the Mexican shuffle, completed all of the required stuff and with a pocket full of $10 bills went to the Port captains office. We had to pay off the Little Immigration guy with the beady eyes and shiny mustache, as well as the guy from the Coral. Ah, crocked Mexico. I was getting to the point that the thought of a taco was not looking very good. 
Once we were done with the import and tourist card shuffle, we went to the Yacht Path office at the CurisePort Marina office. The office was full of grumpy folks waiting for their boats. They were told that the Crane on the ship used to offload the boats "Broke". We went to lunch downtown, and then walked back to the YPI office. Still nothing new. Several of us , in a very nice way, DEMANDED answers and we were finally told the "truth". It seems that there was a fire aboard the ship and unloading operations were stopped. 
Well our 12:30 offload turned into a 4:15 offload and the wind had really picked up. We made it to the Coral in less than 20 minutes in a 25 knot wind and some 3-4 foot rollers, to find our slip down a VERY narrow fairway. We got the boat tied up and settled down by 5:15. Yacht Path was to have sent some folks to clean up the boat, which DID NOT HAPPEN.
We worked into the evening on Saturday and were up at 6AM to get going again. Thanks to Ryan, Jason and Chuck, the boat is sitting cleaned up, and the Bimini is set back up. It will take one more trip to get a few things back in working order and all systems operational. But it is good to have the boat on the West Coast.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Chuck has arrived!

I picked Chuck Pascal up at the airport and we made our way to Shelter Cove Marina. We stopped for a coffee and a roll. We are hoping to see Gregory, Cynthia & Arron as well as my nephew this afternoon. We will be up early to get to Ensenada for the 12:30 offloading tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Aboard Sea Ya but the Ship is on the HORIZON

Well Not really, however she will be in Ensenada on Saturday. I am enjoying the stay here in San Diego with Joe Weathers aboard Sea Ya. Joe leaves this afternoon and I will remain aboard waiting for Chuck Pascal to arrive on Friday Morning. Chuck will be going with me to unload the boat. My nephew Ryan Pfaff, who lives here in San Diego, will also be making the trip South of the Border to assist. I will have some time tomorrow to gather the last few things that I will take to Mexico. Joe & I stripped the boat of food items and things like coffee, so I have a grocery store run ahead of me.

I also purchased a really neat water filter which will be useful. It has 2 filters and an ultra violet light that KILLS any little bugs in the water. I want them dead, not wounded! Having dinner with Ryan & Liz ( his girlfriend) tonight.

Ross with Joe, in beautiful sunny San Diego.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ensenada, Soon

The latest message from Yacht Path International, is that she will be in Ensenada on Saturday March 1st,finally. I had planned to get her off the ship at the end of December! I will be driving to San Diego this weekend and will be staying with Joe Weathers aboard Sea Ya. Chuck Pascal will be joining me to get Vita Bella off the ship and to get her set bck up

More later